Trolling for tapas in Old Madrid. Kayaking amid icebergs and breaching whales in Newfoundland. Exploring the fantastic hideaways of Mexico’s Costa Alegre. Discovering ancient pueblos, frontier mining towns, and cinematic scenery in the desert Southwest. Digging the roots of samba in Rio de Janeiro, the soul of tango in Buenos Aires. Seeking colonial charm and Maoist kitsch in change-mad Shanghai. Island-hopping the Gulf Coast to find the Florida of vintage postcards. Toasting sundown in a South African game park as lions growl and prowl in the shadows.

These and many other experiences resulted in memorable stories. In my travel writing, the tone may vary, but the aim is constant: Take the reader along for the ride. And create a vivid sense of place, keen-eyed and evocative. Sometimes familiar territory yields big surprises. Sometimes the exotic feels uncannily familiar. Each journey informs those to come—and proves that the best antidote to world-weariness is getting back out into the world.

Select Stories:

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  Authentic Caribbean cover story, US AIrways Magazine

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